I have been drawn to colors and textures since I was a child. I've dabbled in drawing, quilting, and fiber arts, but my first major steps to “Reflections of L” was collage. The combination of bright colors, acrylic paint, mixed media elements, and making a big mess in the process was of great appeal. I continue to explore all of these elements in ever-expanding methods and styles, from collage and acrylic paintings created with extensive use of masking & layering, to 3-dimensional and mixed media works of all kinds. In the process of creating pieces, I reflect upon the events, people, and natural elements which mean a great deal to me. Music plays a major role as I create, helping to focus my spirit and hands to the piece in process. Every piece is a discovery of memories, spirit, and growth. I enjoy very much when viewers find a particular piece compelling in their own reflections of life's experiences.

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