I find that I simply cannot have my hands idle when I'm attending Zoom meetings and discussion groups. So rather than drawing or knitting or poking around the internet like other folks do, I decided to set myself up with a little project...to make a series reflective of this time of video meetings during the pandemic (darn it - wish I would have thought of this a year ago!!)

Anyway - these are super-simple little folk-art birds. No thought, really, just fussing with some handy materials and a simple paintjob.

In this way, I can be "doing" but still focused on the video chat. And I have things set up that the screen is high enough folks can't see what I'm doing (as that would be distracting).

I'll have a lovely colorful collection over time to grace the tall beams in my studio/living space.

So, why birds?  Ah...metaphor!

I thought of it while walking, as I saw a bunch of birds just hanging out in the trees. And I thought that's kinda sorta how these Zoom meetings are....

We gather, over time (some of us "landing" early, some late). Then we sit and chatter awhile over some common purpose. We look similar, yet we are definitely individuals. And - at a given point, we all "fly away"...pretty much en masse, like those birds in the trees when "the" signal (whatever it is) is given.

This collection, however large it gets, will be a simple and colorful reminder of this time, when we gathered as we needed to. Simply because we NEED to.

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