"Whimsy" came to me on a whim....

I had been thinking about making something tall, as my studio space has very high ceilings. Having made some more "fantastical" creatures lately, I thought why not do a giraffe? But, needing to stretch my boundaries at this point as I am moving into more whimsical and "made up" critters, I felt I could really loosen up and have fun with her!

She is essentially newborn-sized. I have her standing next to "The Traveler" for scale.

I basically built her literally from the ground-up. In fact she was totally headless for most of the process, as I was sculpting her head separately (shhhh...usually while on Zoom meetings!). Attaching her head after her body was finished but not yet decorated provided a very good learning exercise, and worked out quite well, actually!

Although she is very "straight" in aspect of her pose, I did tilt her head a bit, so she can look at the viewer, eye-to-eye.

My studio ceilings actually are much higher than Whimsy is tall....but I'm not sure I'll attempt a taller critter. There's only so much standing on a ladder I want to do!

The End

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