How to Buy


Professional archival prints are available for most paintings and many mixed media works upon request, as follows:

1. Allow 2 to 4 weeks for custom printing.

2. We will work with you to have prints made to the size you desire. Prices typically range from $80 to $125 depending on size.

3. Pricing does NOT include matting or frame, although there will be a white border around the print to allow for matting or not, as you desire.

Purchase/design/order your own custom mats/frames at your favorite shop or any number of online companies such as matboardcenter


1. NFS ("Not For Sale") or SOLD are available as prints only, where indicated

2. When purchasing original itself, you allow Lisa Anne the option to scan it first in order to make any number of prints or products with the image in the future. (Please allow a 2 to 4 week take-home time frame if scanning is planned.)

3. Interested in Constructs/sculpture (those not listed as NFS)? Serious inquiries welcome!

ALL prices are for local pickup arrangements. 
If you need an item shipped, shipping and handling will be added as applicable.

Contact Lisa Anne if you'd like to make a purchase